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Power Switchboards & Switch Rooms

Switchboards designed and manufactured for easy configuration and integration

As one of the leading switchboard manufacturers in Perth, UON provide a range of standard and customised switchboards that are smart and modular. This allows you to quickly and easily renew switchboards whenever it’s required. For example, our versatile Cubic switchboards can be installed and expanded when the current utilisation is complete, by using components designed for easy configuration.

We also design and supply custom-built motor control units, including soft starters and auto transformer starters, and distribution boards to monitor and control remote pumps for domestic mining applications.

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Motor Control Centre


UON Switchboards & Switch Rooms Product Range

UON provides a range of standard and customised switchboards, designed and tested to fit all standards. Find out why they're one of Perth's leading manufacturers today!

Why Choose UON?

Switchboard and Switch Room Capabilities

UON designs, manufactures, installs, maintains and monitors switchboards, motor control centers, control panels and switch rooms to your specifications.

All our switchboards and switch rooms are designed and type tested to suit all relevant Australian standards and relevant statutory regulations. They are also built in house, where it is managed by UON's experienced and qualified industrial and electrical engineers, AutoCAD proficient draft persons, quality control officers, electrical fitters and apprentices.

What UON offers you

  • Flexible power supply 160-6300amp
  • Australian design and manufacture
  • Quality components and switch gear
  • Fully tested to Australian standards
  • Engineered for operator safety
  • Designed for end user with removable panels for easy maintenance
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