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Water Pumps (Dewatering, Transfer and Processing)

Pump Transfer Station Resize

Reliable, high-performance pumping

Fast and efficient pumping is all about the quality and reliability of your equipment. Pumping corrosive and abrasive materials can strip a pump in days. That’s why we only partner with the best, like Düchting’s SICcast pumps which are cast from silicon carbide for unbeatable durability.


Transfer Pumps

Automatic Control for Fluid Transfer

  • UON is one of the leading providers of Grundfos pumps in Asia-Pacific
  • Düchting are pumps cast from a super-hard steel
  • SICcast product can line old pumps with a hardness second only to diamond
  • Can pump corrosive or abrasive materials
  • Last much longer than super duplex
  • Huge cost savings over time