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Energy Diesel Power Generators


When temperatures soar, can you count on your power?

Unlike traditional generators, UON generators give you 100% efficiency in hot Australian conditions. Our standard products have a nameplate rating to 40oC, while PROPOWER units operate at 50oC and beyond. It’s not just reliability; it’s fuel efficiency. Our generators will reduce your operating costs, while giving you confidence that your power is secure. Best of all, they fit seamlessly into our scalable and modular SMART system.


UON SMART Generators

Super Fuel-Efficient, Super-Tough, Generators

  • Nameplate rated at 50°C
  • Optimising fuel efficiency
  • Independently varified in control tests
  • Built tough for the Australian climate
  • Designed and built by UON®
  • Easy to monitor remotely
  • Power station training & service