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UON Equipment Rental Solutions

UON Rental Purchasing Options

Anticipating and reacting to future challenges and opportunities is all about having options. It's a choice between investing by buying equipment from different sources through EPCMs, or by buying a UON end-to-end solution engineered to integrate seamlessly. You can hire the equipment to save on initial capital outlay, or UON can carry the risk and Build Own Operate Manage (BOOM) the solutions while you just buy the energy or water produced.

Whatever you choose, our promise is the same - to keep you operational and keep you on.

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Solutions for Rental






Diesel Power Generators

Diesel Power Stations

GMC Mobile

GMC Fixed

Hybrid Power (Solar + Diesel)

Remote Monitoring






Dewatering Pontoons


Mobile Bore 'IR' Trailer

Water Management

Standpipe Pump System

Diesel-Driven Skid Pumps

HDPE Pipework and Lining

Trenching & Earthworks

Trades and Labour for Rental

UON Hire Trades and Labour

UON provides skilled Trades and Labour specific to our 'clients' operational needs. UON have a dedicated Team working with our clients identifying skill sets required to our clients' specific requirements. UON presents a comprehensive understanding of what is required from our Trades and Labour to provide our clients with optimal performance.

Our trades, operators, and technicians are experienced in dewatering infrastructure installations and we have dedicated teams specialising in early earthworks requirements.

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Equipment for Rental

UON Hire Equipment


UON specializes in operating plant and equipment safely and efficiently in active mining areas. Our ability to match operator and equipment to the job requirements at hand ensure our equipment is operated with increased productivity and safety, which also removes the need for our clients to retain licensed plant operators themselves.


UON provides a large range of machinery, plant and equipment available for dry hire. Our fleet of equipment ranges from various sizes of Excavators, Loaders, Graders, Telehandlers, Trucks, Trench Compactors, Rollers and Poly-Welding Machines. UON's fleet is rapidly expanding to meet our clients tailored requirements.

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