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Water Water Treatment

We simplify complicated water projects with our Complete Solution

UON's water treatment systems provide you with the ability to process water according to how you need it. One of our water treatment methods is reverse osmosis (RO) which is a process that forces water through an extremely fine semi-permeable membrane in order to remove dissolved solids.

Container RO treatment plant


Why Choose UON?

Water Treatment Capabilities

At the design stage of each system, we focus on the most appropriate raw materials for your needs. UON offers a wide range of pre-fabricated RO plants, for both brackish or sea water desalination, in order to produce high quality potable or industrial water. High purity water can also be produced by means of double-pass desalination.

What UON offers you

  • Energy Efficiency
    Energy consumption is essential for sea water desalination, and UON offers fully integrated solutions with in-built energy recovery systems for efficiency.
  • High Quality Output
    Water is treated to produce high quality potable water for use across a wide range of applications. Depending on your application requirements, this water can be further treated to enhance purity.
  • Flexible Design
    At UON, we strive to bring you the best solutions for your water operation requirements. Whether that means a single pump or a complete, customised turn-key solution, we have got you covered.

Water Treatment Packages

Our Water Treatment systems employ state of the art equipment to provide:

  • High quality water at minimum production cost
  • Minimum frequency of chemical cleaning
  • Stable and trouble-free operations
  • Flexibility of design from standard production equipment to tailor-made, turn-key solutions
  • All systems are delivered completely pre-fabricated inside one or more containers

Our Water Treatment Compact Cube© (pictured) is a compact modular chlorine dosing solution. The 3mx3mx3m containerized unit comprises a water pumping station, storage tank re-circulation and chlorine dosing analysis with HMI display.

Container RO treatment plant


Water Treatment Applications

  • Potable Water Supply Systems for mine-site villages and remote fly-camps
  • Water Desalination
  • Industrial Plants
  • Pharmaceutical