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Water Water Storage

UON's Portable Water Storage Solution can be deployed and fully operational within one week, anywhere.

Each water storage bladder is custom designed and manufactured from potable grade reinforced PVC (RPVC) with UV protection. UON’s water storage concept requires the minimum CAPEX outlay in comparison to conventional turkeys nest storage and associated civil works.

Function of Portable Water Storage Solution

UON's portable water storage solution is suitable for volumes of 250kl-1meg/litre with an achievable fill recovery rate of 75litres/sec, all that is needed is a flat piece of ground to place the water infrastructure on and a water source to fill as required. Dust suppression is the most popular application of the UON Portable Water Storage Solution, whereby water is transferred from the bladder to a UON Standpipe Pump and into an awaiting water truck or cart.

The achievable water extraction from the bladder is 400liters/sec, making it an efficient and economical part of any water storage and management plan.

Fire Pump


UON Turkey's Nest

Pictured: 5ML Turkey's Nest with Sediment Basin

Used alongside a Transfer Pumping Station and optional UON Standpipe Pump for filling water carts for road dust suppression. Typical installation includes all civil works, lining, pipework and commissioning.

Fire Pump