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Water Waste Water Pump Sets

Pumping solution that you can rely on

Being 'The One Source' for all your water needs means that UON can supply you with a reliable and effective waste water pump system that takes care of all of your effluent concerns quickly and safely. High volume transfer and a constant pressure flow gets rid of unwanted waste easily.

Waste Water


Why Choose UON?

Waste Water Pump Sets Capabilities

UON manufactures, supplies and commission pre-packaged waste water pump stations to meet all your needs. UON pump stations are available in various dimensions to suit your specific applications. From 1.2m to 4m diameter, and 1.2m to 8m deep, our wastewater pump stations can be supplied with or without Integral Valve Chambers.

What UON Offers You

  • Engineered For Safety
    UON's high performance waste water pump sets are designed without a requirement to access the main tank for servicing. The end result to you is a reduced OHS risk.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    UON's complete solution pump stations are built in one-piece with no joins which means no leakage to the external environment. Our pump sets are engineered using durable, corrosion-resistant materials for heavy-duty performance.
  • Flexible And Convenient
    UON's waste water pump sets come with benefits like ease of use and speed of installation. The inspection and servicing process is simple. The units are lightweight for easy lifting and transportation. When on site, the pipe fittings are easily connected and the package is complete with a user-friendly customer interface control.

Waste Water Pump Sets Packages

  • UON installs and recommends Grundfos Sewage Pumps and utilises a "UON-LC" Level Control for a convenient customer interface.
  • UON pump stations are supplied with internal pipework to suit either single or dual-pump applications.
  • Pipework comes in a choice of PVC, PE or Stainless Steel and includes bronze isolation and non-return valves as standard.
  • Auto-Coupling and Guide Rails can be fitted for single or dual-pump applications
  • Galvanised ladder to suit pump station depth (SS available as option)
  • Galvanised lifting chain with hooks (SS available as option)
  • UON pump stations are fitted with 600mm x 600mm flanged access opening with cast-iron concrete infill and Class B Gatic cover as standard. Other sizes and classes are available to suit your requirements