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Water Process Water Pump Set

UON offer you the complete solution for efficient, multi-purpose process water pump sets.

As 'The One Source' for process water pumps, UON can engineer and install high performance systems for use in the mining, oil and gas, process plants and industrial sectors. We pump your water to where it needs constant flow and pressure to keep you on and keep you operational.

Containerised Booster Pump Package


Why Choose UON?

Process Water Pump Set Capabilities

Our systems can supply water for all of the resource industry's processing requirements. Our process pumps are designed for a variety of applications such as pumping process water or any fluids used in mining or industrial processes.

What UON offers you

  • Reliability
    UON provides you with world-accredited equipment sourced from global leaders of the manufacturing industry. Our process water pump systems are reliable, robust and engineered to last in any environment.
  • High Performance
    Prime rated to 50 degrees Celsius with high volume water flow, UON offer you the complete solution for all your water requirements.
  • Flexible Solutions
    UON build, supply and install diesel driven pumps or pumps powered by electric motors to suit your needs. We can offer you a range of options to get your process water where it needs to be.

Containerised Variable Speed Drive (VSD) Booster Pump Package

  • Containerised air-conditioning system
  • Grundfos CRIE64-4 Variable Speed multistage pumps
  • Grundfos Hydro MPC pump controller
  • 20 Foot High cube double-door container
  • Bondor insulated roof and side panels
  • Single PA door lockable with interior panic bar fitted
  • Recessed split system air conditioning unit
  • Two double fluorescent lights inside and one exterior double fluorescent light
  • Lifting blocks suitable for fork lift access
  • Galvanised pipe work and valving
  • Endress & Hauser flow-meter

Process Water Pump Set Applications

  • Gland Water Supply
  • Water Treatment Systems and RO Plants
  • Process Water Supply Systems
  • Tailings Water Supply
  • Reagent Water Supply
  • Sludge / Effluent Transfer
  • High Pressure Wash Down
  • Chemical Processing
  • Industrial Plants
  • Mining Industry
  • Pulp and Paper Process Industry
  • Steel, Textiles, Food and Pharmaceutical Industries