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Water Fire Protection Pump System

UON's fire protection pump systems are built for high performance water flow in emergency situations.

Your safety is at the forefront of all UON engineering and designs. For emergencies like fire from natural or other causes, we build protection systems that will not fail you. Our flexible design can be fixed in position or skid-mounted, and we can customise a solution that suits your operations.

Function of Fire Protection Pump System

UON's fire protection pump systems provide protection for personnel and capital equipment from fire hazards by pumping water with a high volume transfer rate via fire ring mains or fire hose reels to ensure your safety.

Fire Pump


Why Choose UON?

Fire Protection Pump System Capabilities

UON can design, install, commission and maintain electric or diesel-powered fire protection systems as a permanent or temporary solution. We have the capability to supply the following:

  • Fire pump systems with electric motors or diesel engines ranging from 90kW up to 250kW

What UON Offers You

  • Engineered For Safety
    UON installs quality fire protection pump systems to kill fire threats quickly and effectively when you need it the most. We improve the safety environment of your operations.
  • High Performance
    High performance pumps with a constant pressure means a huge water transfer volume to get the job done immediately.
  • Failsafe System
    With integral fail-safe devices inbuilt into our fire protection equipment, you can rely on UON to perform in an emergency.
  • Flexible Solutions
    Permanent or temporary, in a fixed position or skid mounted for mobility, UON is 'The One Source' for your fire protection pumps. We offer a variety of quality options to suit your needs, and you can buy or hire our fire protection solutions.

Fire Protection Pump System Packages

Standard Packages

  • Electric Drive Hose Reel Pumps
  • Diesel Driven Pumps
  • Electric Driven Pumps
  • Pump-sets with integral jockey pump
  • Dual Diesel or Electrical Pumps
  • Control Panels

Fire Pump Package Variations

  • Single Electric Drive Fire Hose Reel Pump Sets
  • Single Diesel Driven Pump Sets
  • Single Electric Driven Pump Sets
  • Diesel & Electric Driven Pump Sets with integral Jockey Pump
  • Dual Diesel or Electric Driven Pump Sets

Custom built Pump Package Variations

  • FM/UL standards pumpsets
  • Marine applications
  • Higher flow Horizontal split-case pumps
  • Lineshaft turbine pumpsets
  • SCADA integration
  • All monitored valves
  • Weather canopy

Technical Data

  • Standard pump sets:
    Flow rates up to 60lps & Heads up to 120mts
  • Main Pumps:
    Southern Cross or Grundfos ISO 2858 Back-Pull-Out Pumps
  • Diesel Engines:
    Cummins, CAT
  • Electric Motor:
    WEG, TECO, ABB, Hitachi, Siemens
  • Jockey Pumps:
    Grundfos CR Vertical Multistage
  • Valves:
    AVK, Keystone, Ebro, Maxiflo, Crane

Fire Protection Pump System Applications

  • Mine-site villages and sites
  • Remote fly-camps
  • Processing plants
  • Industrial plants
  • Marine applications