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Water Diesel Driven Pump System

Pumping solution designed for the toughest environment with flexibility in mind

Our diesel driven pump systems are flexible, portable and come with a huge range of options allowing you to transfer and manage water efficiently.

Diesel Driven Pump System


Why Choose UON?

Diesel Driven Pump System Capabilities

Our pumps systems can be engineered and installed with the following options:

  • Various Wet Ends material to suit any application
  • Suction boom
  • Sound Attenuated
  • Facility for telemetry
  • Auto-start panel
  • Remote fuel connections

What UON Offers You

  • High Performance
    UON brings you the latest engineering techniques that result in high-volume efficiency and low energy consumption. Our packages are designed to match the right pump with the right engine to use less horse power and achieve higher performance.
  • Reliability
    Our Diesel Driven Pump Systems are engineered for the demands of the harsh Australian environment. The sturdy and robust design means the pumps are built to last. UON's dedicated service team is available for 24/7 support.
  • Flexible Design
    The modular design means that UON can customise your pump package for multiple applications. Our diesel driven systems are portable and flexible to suit your operations, without the need for electrical connections. Your package can be skid-mounted or trailer-mounted.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    UON's Diesel Driven Pump Systems have an in-built self-bunded fuel tank to contain any spills.

Diesel Driven Pump System Package

Standard Features

  • Controller (Complete with Emergency shut-down capabilities)
  • Suction hoses
  • Foot valve
  • Solids handling
  • Run-dry seal
  • Vacuum pump
  • Battery isolators
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Central lifting points
  • Self-bunded fuel tank

As 'The One Source' for all your water needs, UON can provide customised and flexible Diesel Driven Pump Packages to you. We can build and install the system on a skid or on a trailer so it can be transported to where you need it most.

Diesel Driven Pump System Applications

UON's Diesel Driven Pump Systems can be used for dewatering, water transfer, dust-suppression and water cart filling across a range of areas, including:

  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Agriculture
  • Municipal infrastructure
  • Commercial
  • Industrial