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Water Trenching & Earthworks

UON offers you the complete solution for all your earthworks and trenching needs.

As part of the complete water management solution for you, UON's earthworks and trenching capabilities complement our total range of water applications. We are ‘The One Source' for everything you need to keep your operations running effectively.

Trenching Earthworks


Why Choose UON?

Trenching Capabilities

  •  Our trenchers are capable of digging 1500mm wide up to 4500mm deep, through all ground conditions
  •  Our trenching capability per day is 200m+

Earthwork Capabilities

  • Our Complete Solution covers all aspects of mine water infrastructure. Working in parallel with UON's trenching capability reduces your exposure to managing subcontractors, because we have the ability to manage all works in-house.
  • We can supply you with the complete earthwork package, from machinery and vehicles including prime movers, and 100t floats, to concrete trucks and front end loaders.

What UON Offers You

  • Complete Solution
    UON's earthworks and trenching capabilities work in sync with all of your mine water infrastructure to ensure complete control. We reduce your exposure to various subcontractors by being 'The One Source' from concept to operations.
  • Large Diverse Fleet
    UON has the largest trenching fleet in Australia and can bring you a solution for any application in the resources industry. Small scale or large, we have a range of options and equipment to suit your needs.
  • Cost Effective
    Trenching is more cost-effective than excavation. The sand-like finer material produced from trenching can be used as bedding and packing. Our equipment and machinery cut uniformly and cleanly to ensure a consistent shape for effective planning and installation.
  • Environment Focus
    UON brings you benefits like high volume trenching with a low environmental footprint. The production of a solid base foundation (ground conditions dependant) results in cost, time and labour savings. The capability of a single trencher equates to three working excavators.

Trenching and Earthworks Applications

  • Tailings dams
  • Settlement ponds
  • Water transfer stations
  • Evaporation ponds
  • Turkeys nests
  • Pump pads
  • Burials
  • Road crossings
  • Rail lines
  • Processing facilities
  • Village water supply
  • Fire mains
  • Desalination pipelines
  • Dewatering
  • Wash down bays
  • HDPE Lining