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Water Standpipe Pump System

Fully functional portable pump system at 50 °C and above

Are you searching for submersible pumps in Perth? UON offers you the complete solution for your water transfer requirements through a customised and portable standpipe pump system. This innovative design is used to transfer water from storage areas like turkey's nests, dams and ponds to a water truck in the shortest time possible.

Standpipe Pump System low


Why Choose UON?

Standpipe Pump System Capabilities

Capabilities include:

  • Water Truck Filling
  • Water Transfer
  • Self-Prime Applications

What UON Offers You - Sumbersible Pumps Perth

  • Safety
    A 'Deep-Sea' control module is used to operate and supply shutdown protection for the engine. A lockable battery isolator switch is used to totally isolate the electrical system. Stainless steel guards protect the engine further.
  • Flexible Options
    UON can offer a 6 inch and 8 inch standpipe pump package either as a temporary or permanent solution. We can provide your system in a number of options - truck-mounted, trailer-mounted or skid-mounted.
  • Reliable
    Prior to site installation, our standpipe assemblies are tested to function at ambient temperatures up to 50°C. All pipework is fully galvanised to AS4680: 2006 inside and out to eliminate corrosion.
  • Designed For End User
    Each fully integrated standpipe pump and delivery system has been skilfully designed and built for ease of transport and handling. The two bases can be separated so that the pump base is located close to the water source and the standpipe base is located closer to the road for ease of access by water trucks and carts. A wet prime feature allows the pump to be ready for operation on start up.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    A key benefit of UON's standpipe pump system is reduced fuel and oil consumption. The air-cooled engine eliminates radiator and coolant issues. An incorporated self-bunded fuel tank prevents spills. Direct injection means low exhaust emissions.

Standpipe Pump System Package

UON's standpipe pump system package includes the following features:

  • Wet Self Prime Pump
  • Multiple Lift points - Single point lift or by forklift
  • Self bunded fuel tank
  • Bauer fittings
  • Hose package includes: foot valve & strainer 3x 6m suction hoses, 1x 10m lay flat hose & bauer fitting
  • A Deep-sea Electronics control panel is housed in a weather-proof enclosure and protected from the harsh Australian climate by hinged stainless steel covers
  • A 30 micron Racor primary filter / water seperator is used in the fuel supply to the engine
  • The starting battery is mounted in a steel enclosure with a bolt on cover
  • Lockable battery isolator switch



Standpipe Pump System Applications

UON's high performance standpipe pump systems can be utilised for water filling in a wide variety of areas including:

  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Municipal infrastructure
  • Agricultural
  • Industrial plants
  • Commercial