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Water Installation and Removal (IR) Systems

A mobile solution that install and remove submersible bore pumps quicker and safer like no other.

Our patented IR Systems are Australian designed for the harshest outback environment.

They are transportable and efficient that has proved to have reduced installation and removal time of submersible pumps through innovation and process control; as well as to eliminate the risk of any operator to work under a suspended load.

Our innovative range of Australian designed and built mining equipment continues to evolve with the recent manufacture of the Next Generation UON IR System© with 5-Tonne Rated Line Pull. Click Here to read more about this product.

IR Trailer Pattented


Why Choose UON?

Installation and Removal Systems Packages

UON can design, fabricate and install three forms of the IR System to give you innovative options to suit your operational requirements.

Truck Mounted IR System

Truck Mounted IR System

Dimensions: 6.5m (l) x 2.5m (w) x 3.025m (h)
Dry Weight: 6.5 tonne


Trailer Mounted IR System

Trailer Mounted IR System

Dimensions: 6.5m (l) x 2.5m (w) x 3.025m (h)
Dry Weight: 7.5 tonne


Skid Mounted IR System

Skid Mounted IR System

Dimensions: 6.5m (l) x 2.5m (w) x 3.025m (h)
Dry Weight: 7.5 tonne


Note: Dimensions and dry weight are approximate only and may vary due to applications.

IR Benefits

  • Removes dangers of working under suspended load conditions
  • Safely installs and removes submersible bore pumps
  • Reduced risk to personnel injury through innovation and design
  • Reduced installation time
  • Reduced time of removing bore pumps
  • Minimises manual handling
  • Increase productivity
  • Approved and used by leading Western Australian mining companies

Standard Features

  • Hydraulic flexible rising main clamp
  • Flexible Rising Main tensioner
  • Radio remote hydraulic control
  • Removable Flexible Rising Main winch with linepull @ 7m per minute
  • Break off plug system winch 40m per minute
  • Removable electrical cable drum with capacity of up to 220m of submersible cable
  • Reel capacity of 200m of 4/6 inch flexible rising main
  • Break off plug system torpedo winch capacity of 220m by 6mm diametre
  • Self bundled and enclosed generator
  • Hydraulic stabiliser legs
  • 2 x 9kg Fire extinguishers
  • Remote grease points
  • S/CAM pneumatic brakes (trailer mounted only)
  • 75mm ringpull coupling (trailer mounted only)
  • LED Lights (trailer mounted only)
  • 4 wheel chocks & holders (trailer and truck mounted only)
  • Hydraulic reel storage stand (optional)
  • Tool box