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Water Water

Why Choose UON?

  • Custom Solutions
    UON provides innovative and flexible solutions to meet your needs. We design and build water products and systems in-house using world-accredited equipment from global leaders in the manufacturing industry. You can choose from standardised equipment for use across all water applications which we can tailor according to your specifications.
  • Integration and Flexibility
    Being 'The One Source' for all of your requirements means that UON can provide you with total integration of modular products into one simple and seamless process. Our equipment is designed for modular integration so you can easily switch, add or reuse equipment in your multiple operations. This provides you with the flexibility to adapt the equipment for your changing needs.
  • Engineered for Safety
    All UON water solutions are designed and engineered with your safety at top of mind. Operating in Australia means that you and your equipment are subject to a unique and demanding environment. Variable climatic conditions and unforgiving terrain in remote locations requires flexibility and adaptability to the conditions at hand. UON considers all potential threats to you and your working environment to ensure operator and equipment safety at all times and designs equipment to negate factors such as dehydration, heavy lifting, mental strain, noise and moving parts.
  • Cost-effective Solutions
    Before designing the right solution to meet your needs, UON performs an in-depth cost-benefit analysis of the options applicable to you. We know that your needs will differ from others, and UON offers you many ways to access our products and services, ensuring that your recommended solution will leave you in complete control of any capital expenditure and budgetary restrictions. We give you the option to choose what suits you best, whether that is to buy, hire or B.O.O.M (Build, Own, Operate and Manage).
  • 24/7 Support
    UON is built on a 24/7 service commitment in some of the most extreme conditions on earth. Today we're still a company where you'll receive personal hands-on, professional attention and advice.

If you are looking for water pumps for sale, look no further than UON. At UON, we are committed to providing our customers with robust, functional water pumps that are suited to many applications. If you would like to speak to a water pump specialist, please call us now on 1800 721 878.