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Power Telemetry

Monitoring remote and inaccessible areas using telemetry

UON can supply and install leading brand telemetry equipment to suit your requirements.

Telemetry is a highly automated communications process, which enables us to collect data at remote or inaccessible points and transmit it to receiving equipment or monitoring systems for review.

For example, we can seamlessly integrate the monitoring of power generation equipment in remote areas with the local power stations SCADA systems through a radio telemetry system.


Why Choose UON?

Telemetry Capabilities

UON can supply, install and monitor telemetry equipment to monitor data in remote or inaccessible areas. UON can provide radio telemetry controls to assist with automatic stop start of your pumps.

Telemetry Equipment

  • Australian designed and built Elpro radio system.
  • 4 inputs for float switches - or any other type of level switching - which will give a start level and a stop level.
  • 4 outputs at the receiving end of the system to allow for generator start / stop control and pump start / stop control.
  • The units can be connected to a 240 volt supply or options are available for battery powered units with a solar charging system.

Telemetry Functions

  • Communication, annunciation and control of remote equipment (generators, control panels, pump etc.) to a base monitoring station or transmitter/receiver
  • Repeater stations can be used to extend the range and can also be used if line-of-sight is not possible, for example in hilly locations.