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Power Energy and Power Management System

Insights into costs, risks and opportunities

UON supplies a range of energy management products from basic metering devices to advanced intelligent meters, so whatever your energy management requirements we've got you covered. Our solutions give you a unique insight into every energy-related cost, risk and opportunity.

We are the energy solution partner for Schneider Electric's Powerlogic products in Western Australia. Powerlogic is the world largest and most advanced range of software and metering products for managing energy.


  • Achieves energy-related savings through improved efficiency, lower emissions, reduced per-unit energy costs and maximised use of your power distribution network
  • Improves the overall quality of power and reliability of your equipment and processes
  • Easy to use and simple to fit
  • A low initial investment that can return great benefits to your electrical system.

Whether you need energy monitoring systems for use in a commercial or industrial site, or for a major electric power network, we can advise you on the equipment that best suits your needs.

For energy and power management we provide an extensive range of meters and RTUs and software and accessories to support the system.

Meters and RTUs

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Energy and Power Monitoring


  • PowerLogic ION6200: ideal for basic power and energy meter for feeders, loads or tenant space. Offers outstanding quality, versatility and functionality in a low-cost, ultra-compact unit.
  • PowerLogic ION7300: used in enterprise energy management applications such as feeder monitoring and submetering. Offers unmatched value, functionality and ease of use.
  • PowerLogic ION7550RTU: ideal for combined utilities metering water, air, gas, electricity and steam (WAGES). Collects, scales and logs readings from multiple connected meters and feeds into one or more head-end systems.
  • PowerLogic ION7550 and 7650 meters: used at key distribution points and for sensitive loads. It offers unmatched functionality with advanced power quality analysis coupled with revenue accuracy, multiple communication options, web compatibility and control capabilities.
  • PowerLogic ION8800: world's most advanced power and energy meter with the flexibility to change along with your requirements. Provides high accuracy and a wide range of features for transmission and distribution.


  • IEM3000 Series energy meter: With native Modbus, BACnet, M-bus and LON protocol support, you can easily integrate these meters into commercial and non-critical buildings to add simple energy management applications to virtually any BMS, AMR or EMS system.
  • PM3000 Series power meter: Ideal for power metering and network monitoring applications that seek to improve the availability and reliability of your electrical distribution system, the meters are also fully capable of supporting sub billing and cost allocation applications. It offers all the measurement capabilities required to monitor an electrical installation.
  • PM5000 Series power meter: It is the ideal fit for high-end cost management applications, providing the measurement capabilities needed to allocate energy usage, perform tenant metering and sub-billing, pin-point energy savings, optimize equipment efficiency and utilization, and perform a high level assessment of the power quality in an electrical network.
  • PM800 Series power meter: It combines accurate, 3-phase energy and power measurement with data logging, power quality analysis, alarm and I/O capabilities not typically available in a compact meter.


  • Branch Circuit Power Meter (BCPM): is a highly accurate, full-featured metering product designed for the unique, multi-circuit and minimal space requirements of a high performance power distribution unit (PDU) or remote power panel (RPP). It monitors up to 84 branch circuits and the incoming power mains to provide information on a complete PDU. Full alarming capabilities ensure that potential issues are dealt with before they become a problem.
  • Enercept: makes it easy to include energy meters throughout an electrical range. The meter and communications electronics are inside the CT and no external PTs are required, making this a cost effective option for basic electrical metering. There are two options available (a) enhanced - delivers 26 energy parameters and (b) basic - reports power and energy


Struxureware Power Monitoring Expert 7.2

StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert software is a complete supervisory software package for power management applications. The software collects and organizes data gathered from your facility's electrical network and presents it as meaningful, actionable information via intuitive web interface. Share information with key stakeholders or across your entire operation to influence behavioral changes that can save you money.

StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert software's open architecture supports industry standard protocols and an expansive range of Schneider Electric and third-party devices.

Leverage and optimize your existing infrastructure. Integrate with other energy management and automation systems (e.g. SCADA, BAC, DCS, ERP) or web services.




Powerlogic Communications


  • EGX: enables power distribution management for tenant metering and factory automation. Ideal for converting legacy RS485 serial-based communications systems to Ethernet-based TCP/IP systems. Enable devices or systems that do not have a native Ethernet port to be monitored or controlled over an Ethernet connection, including PowerLogic power and energy meters, power distribution equipment, building automation systems or other systems or devices).
  • EGX300: simplifies power utility monitoring. Use the EGX300 to view critical real-time electrical system loading data and trend plots for historical use patterns to help optimise energy usage and existing electrical infrastructure. Gain quick, shared and secured access to information from meters, circuit breaker control units, protective relays, motor controllers and drives via a standard web browser. Create web pages using the on-board creation tool to view the real-time and logged data for a basic view of your energy consumption.


EGX 300