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Power Load Banks

Resilient load banks built to endure 50°C temperatures

UON load banks are designed and built for continuous operations in the harshest outdoor environments, operating safely and reliably in ambient temperatures of 50 °C and above. They include built-in high temperature sensors, cooling fan motor overloads and phase rotation sensors to ensure safety for both the operator and the equipment. We provide an extensive range of loadbanks from 6.25MVA to 1000kW, with either 1kW or 10kW load steps, so whatever your requirements we have a solution for you.

Load Bank 300kW


Types of load banks available

UON load banks are designed for the end user as they feature easy-to-use and intuitive local control panels; as well for power generator and transformer load testing and for use as resistive dummy loads.

Load Bank Options:Enclosure finish options:
  1. AC Resistive load banks
  2. AC Medium Voltage load banks
  3. AC Resistive/Reactive load banks
  1. Mild-steel powder coated enclosure OR
  2. Stainless Steel 304 brushed finish.

UON Load Banks Product Range

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Why Choose UON?

UON offers

  • Wireless control system
  • Auto load function
  • Data recording
  • Resistive and reactive load banks
  • Made with advanced technology instruments
  • Withstands high transients and overloads