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Power ProTank 8000L

Design Features

  • UN(United Nations) approved bunded Fuel Tanks, compliant with Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG2)
  • Certified lifting points rated to full tank capacity
  • Bidirectional forklift pockets, internal baffles and Galvanised lifting eyes to allow easy and safe handling
  • Designed to stack inside shipping containers and across truck beds providing economical transportation
  • Unique Hex corners for extra strength and Hose Openings in front to allow tank to be used when locked
  • Provision for pumps and bund alarm as well as feed and return connections for generator use
  • Provisions for additional feed and returns for multiple generator use.
  • Bunded outer tank capacity 110% of volume and removable Inner tank for maintenance or cleaning
  • "Multi Port" fittings plate on Primary/Inner tank which is removable for maintenance/access
  • Secure Lid with lockable access hatch
  • Space efficient design: Easily stacked 2 high when full and 3 high when empty
  • Paint - HEMPATHANE ENAMEL 55100 is a two-component, high-gloss acrylic polyurethane enamel with good gloss and colour retention and max service temperature 120°C




Primary Fittings Plate
  • 2” Fill Point: Level Gauge:2” Pressure Vacuum Vent: ¼ Breather Vent
  • 1 x 1” Feed Socket: 1x 1” Return Sockets: (with provisions for an additional 1” feed & 1 return)
Secondary Fittings Plate
  • Supplied with blank plate as standard. Can be supplied with optional 2” socket: 1” socket
Capacity (Litres) 8000 Bund Tank Material Thickness (mm) 3
Capacity (Gallons) 1760 Inner Tank Material Thickness (mm) 3
Length (mm) 4750 Weight, Tare (kg) 2650
Width (mm) 2112 Weight, Laden 9490*
Height (mm) 1265  

* Calculations based on safe fuel fill level as 95% of total tank capacity and specific gravity of diesel as 0.9

Bunded Tank

Removable Inner Tank

Multiport Fittings Plate

Primary Plate

Secondary Plate

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