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Power Fuel Tanks

Premium transportable fuel tanks

UON supplies its own range of premium, all terrain fuel tanks called ProTanks. These fuel tanks are designed and sourced from a leading international supplier. Our range is industrial bunded fuel tanks from 450L to 10,000L and comes with global Certification allowing fueling for prime operations across a broad range of industries world wide.

ProTank Advantages

  • Easily removable inner tank
  • Easily removable outer lid
  • Primary manway access
  • Secondary manway access
  • Pitched outer lid'
  • Bi-directional forlklift pockets
  • Heavy duty lifting pad eye's
  • Corner stacking brackets
  • Letter box openings
  • Hex corner design

Pro Tank 450L


UON Fuel Tanks Product Range

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Why Choose UON?

Fuel Tank Capabilities

Being 'The One Source' UON designs its fuel tanks as modular products for integration with your full solution. Our fuel tanks provide additional feeds for multiple generator use and provision for pumps and bund alarm as a well as a feed and return connections. You can easily add or remove UON products at any time to meet the demands of your projects.

What UON offers you

  • UN (United Nations) approved bunded Fuel Tanks, compliant with Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG2)
  • Easily transported
  • Designed for integration with modular products
  • Easy maintenance with removable plates
  • Durable to endure the harshest temperatures