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Power Power

Challenge: Harsh Australian Environment.
Solution: UON's Prime Rated 50°c designed power integrated solutions.

If you are looking for mining equipment for sale in Australia, look no further than UON. We are committed to supplying our clients with products of the highest quality, whatever your power solution requirements are. When we design a solution we think about the operator first, drawing on our first-hand, in-the-field experience and expertise.

Whether you are looking for basic power solutions from a single generator, switchboard or load bank supply to a complete turnkey installation of a power station, we've got the knowledge and the experience to keep you on, to keep you operational.

UON Power Product Range

We have a broad range of mining equipment for sale that is second to none. Contact UON today for more information.

Why Choose UON?

  • Proactive Thinking
    When we design a solution we think about our operator first, drawing on our first-hand, in-the-field experience and expertise. UON considers all potential threats to you and your working environment to ensure operator and equipment safety at all times and designs equipment to negate factors such as dehydration, heavy lifting, mental strain, noise and moving parts.
  • 24/7 Support
    Our service team can provide real time service and maintenance support on diesel or electric powered generators, as well as on switchboards and remote monitoring control systems. UON is built on a 24/7 service commitment; we're a company where you'll receive personal hands on, professional attention and advice.
  • Total Integration
    Being 'The One Source' for all of your requirements means that UON can provide you with total integration of modular products into one simple and seamless process. Add or remove UON products at any time to meet the demands of your project, while minimising down-time.
  • Smarter Investment
    Our solutions use standardised design for easy configurations. UON switchboards are smart and modular allowing quick renewal as they can be installed and expanded when the current utilisation is complete.

Our mining equipment is for sale and can also be hired. At UON, we only provide our customers with products that are functional, durable and reliable. We understand the importance of having ongoing support when you purchase mining equipment, because of this we offer our customers full access to ongoing support by our UON team.