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Air Positive Displacement Blowers and Vacuum Pump Range


The Sutorbilt family of positive displacement blower and vacuum pumps exist today in thousands of applications and are capable of handling continuous loads reliably in the most strenuous conditions.



TriFlow positive displacement vacuum pumps have a low operation noise, due to the three-lobe impeller which creates lower noise and pulsation levels, without impacting on the output. They also have a longer life and reduced service intervals due to dual splash lubrication. Independent oil sumps prevent cross contamination and allow the vaccuum pump to operate safely on an incline/decline. They are designed for the end user to ensure flexible installation.



HeliFlow positive displacement vacuum pumps integrate a proven platform with a unique and innovative rotor design. The solid helical tri-lobe rotors result in lower noise and pulsation levels.The smooth pulse operations extend the life of bearings, large diametr shafts provide superior overhung load capacity and dual splash lubrication provides longer life and reduced service intervals.



CycloBlower positive displacement vacuum pumps are the ,most energy efficient PD Blower. The CycloBlower operates efficiently requiring less break horse power (BHP), which will help lower energy operating costs. These Helical Screw Blowers offer a highly efficient rotor design that may provide a smoother operation.



The DuroFlow positive displacement blower and vacuum pumps are ideal for a wide range of applications as a result of their heavy-duty design and oil-free delivery.



The IQ blower package will provide intelligent design, quiet operation, innovative features and Gardner Denver quality.