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Air Portable Compressors

UON supplies the flexibility of Gardner Denver's C-Series compressors. This range can be used in a variety of applications where there is a demand for portable compressed air.

The C-Series is capable of delivering pressures ranging from 7 to 24 Bar and is available in more than 30 different models to suit almost any application, from the smallest single axle model powering a single pneumatic tool, through to the innovative Turboscrew range of machines delivering up to 1,380 m3/hr.

All models are designed for simple operation and easy access for maintenance, with well-located control panels and simple lift-off canopies or large access doors.

Portable compressors


Available Options

  • Integrated Generator
    Various applications can be further enhanced by including integrated generators into the air solution package, which can then supply power for lighting and tools.
  • Aftercooler
    Because the fitted aftercooler option removes the moisture that is present in thecompressed air discharge,it can provide higher quality dry air which is highly desired in many applications.
  • Electronic Fuel Injection
    With the ever-increasing push towards reducing carbon footprints and increasing efficiency, the larger units from C110 and above offer two batteries and electronic fuel injection, which can maximise fuel efficiency and reduce exhaust emmisions. These key factors can often be a major factor in regards to decisions governing suitability for site utilisation.
  • TurboScrew Technology
    The TurboScrew patented bi-turbo technology makes these compressors outstanding. On average site conditions where the demand varies between idle, part load and full load, the TurboScrew consumes up to 30% less fuel than most of the conventional compressors on the market.

    Furthermore, this compression system offers a radical new approach to energy conservation. It uses a Cummins turbo assisted engine, powering a screw compressor unit with the addition of an engine exhaust gas drive turbine, pre-compressing the suction inlet air before it enters the compression chamber.

GARDNER DENVER C35-10 - C50 : 3.5 TO 5.0 M3/MIN
The highly successful C35-10 - C50 is driven by the quiet-running, water-cooled Yanmar 4TNV88BKCP 4-cylinder diesel engines. The compressor is particularly suitable for apllications in cities and built-up areas, where stringent restrictions are set on noise emissions. The light contrusction of under 750 kg (C38 and C42) makes the compressor suitable for many different applications and is therefore ideal for use by hire companies. These compact and lightweight compressors are available with various chassis and also with the option of integrated generator or aftercooler or both.

GARDNER DENVER C55-14 - C76 : 5.5 TO 7.6 M3/MIN
These proven and tested compressors stand out for their low fuel consuption and high efficiency. Thanks to a wide pressure range up to 14 bar, this compact compressor range is extremely versatile and meets many requirments of numerous applications. The compressors have enough storage cpacity for two hammers, picks or any other pneumatic tools. Seperate engine and compressor air filters guarentee long service life. All of the service points are strategically located for eacy access.

GARDNER DENVER C85-14 - C140-9 : 8.5 TO 14.0 M3/MIN
Designed for the toughest site conditions, whether it's for road building, civil engineering or restoration work, this range of compressors offers outstanding reliability, performance and compressed air quality, with fully accessible doors maintenance is also made easy. The compressor as standard is equipped with numerous options, offering a substatial cost saving to the customer. Thanks to the inclusion of two batteries reliable running and performance can be achieved even in the coldest winter. The long life cycle of these compressors is further enhanced by additional engine management protection. Diesel engines are fitted with electronic fuel injectioon to meet all the European standard with regards to exhaust emission for the coing years.

GARDNER DENVER C20-C30 : 2.0 TO 3.0 M3/MIN
This range has the output to run up to two breakers and are driven by quiet-running energy efficident Kubota enignes. With the bebenfit of a wide engine speed range, fuel savings are increased and the engine reliability and life time are enhanced. The various applications of these compressors can be further enhanced by integrated generators, which can supply power for the site, lighting and electrical tools. With an operating weight of less than 500kg (unbaked) the compressor can be transported by small vehicles.

Designed. Patented bi-turno technology means low cost of ownership, a radical new approach to evergy conservation. The TurboScrew patented bi-turbo technology makes these compressors outstanding in their class. On average site conditions where the demand varies between idle, part load and full load, the TurboScrew consumes up to 30% less fuel than mos tthe conventional compressors on the market.