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UON’s Head Office Relocates

UON’s Head Office Relocates

UON now has a new Head Office after relocating its office and switchboard facilities to 407 Victoria Rd MALAGA, WA. The office and switchboard teams have merged with UON’s long established production facility at Victoria Rd, and are working to have all UON operations together in one facility by the close of 2017.

The new UON HQ boasts an impressive 9,000m² of warehousing space, making room for ongoing product expansions and upgrades to workshop facilities. The merge comes at an opportune time as demand for UON designed and built products continues to grow; UON being the only supplier in Australia with capabilities to design, supply, manufacture, test and commission Power, Air & Water equipment in-house.

Integration of all UON facilities will continue and in the coming months UON’s Rental Team will also join the new UON HQ, completing the merge and reaffirming UON’s position as The Complete Solution for Power, Air & Water solutions.

To stay up to date on UON’s big move and other news, please visit the UON Website.