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UON Revolutionise In-Pit Dewatering

UON Revolutionise In-Pit Dewatering

With more than 27 years’ experience in bore hole and water management UON were set a challenge in the mining downturn to deliver innovation and solutions to help mining companies reduce both CAPEX and OPEX for dewatering.


UON re-invested profits back into developing solutions to meet the call of mining companies and built and produced the first ever PRO POWER GMC generators last year. With considerable sums invested in prototype and testing across multiple mining sites UON have succeeded yet again.

In line with UON PATENTED IR TRAILERS the (PATENT PENDING) UON PROPOWER Generator Motor Controller©,  with variable speed control is now enhanced to include the use of the UON Trailer System©, optimising GMC mobilisation and accessibility.

Earlier this year UON announced the release of the innovative UON PROPOWER range of generators developed for high ambient mining applications @50degC. UON has now released the PROPOWER GMC with Variable Speed Control for total water management flexibility. UON is proud to offer the fully functional, fully tested and supported GMC/VSD design and are now proud to offer the newest release of the (PATENT PENDING) UON GMC VSD with Generator Trailer©.   

The UON GMC VSD with Generator Trailer© provides total control and flexibility of pumping systems and installations for total water management, eliminating the need for traditional starting methods and fixed installations. UON’s clients now have the option to use the generator to control pump motors in Soft Start mode or a Variable Speed mode. Clients can now chase flow, level, pressure or remote control with UON’s proven technology.

In-Pit Mine Dewatering will never be the same with the release of the UON PROPOWER GMC VSD with Generator Trailer package © - pump control has never been simpler or safer. When you choose UON you are making an investment in your future productivity. We will keep UON we will keep you operational.

For more information on UON’s PROPOWER GMC OR VSD technology, please visit the UON Website or Get in Touch with the team. Training and demonstrations are available on request at the UON facilities. Please contact Karl Griffiths UON’s Business Development Manager to make an appointment today.