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UON Racing Team Ready to Rumble

UON Racing Team Ready to Rumble
UON Racing Team Ready to Rumble UON Racing Team Ready to Rumble

The UON Racing team have competed in the annual Rumble in the Reach sport boat event, for their third consecutive year. The regatta, hosted by the East Fremantle Yacht Club, warmly welcomes competitors from many of the Swan River yacht clubs across Perth to participate in the race along the river.

The format of The Rumble is handicap dictated by the speed or size of each boats sport boat measurement system (SMS). Due to the proximity of the East Fremantle Yacht Club on the river, the race takes place on a restricted course so there are many obstacles to avoid while racing e.g. moored boats, river traffic, sand banks & of course the other competitors. The challenge is to get around the course safely without any altercation & sailing to the best of crew ability.

The course itself is not too difficult even with the obstacles but the wind on this bend of the river is notorious for changing direction without warning which makes for a very challenging course to race on. UON is happy to report the 2017 Rumble in the Reach was a great success once again and the team are looking forward to participating next year.

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