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UON Expands Fabrication Facilities

UON Expands Fabrication Facilities
UON Expands Fabrication Facilities

An extended fabrication bay and new welding processing equipment are now in operation at the new UON HQ in Malaga, WA. UON’s production workshop continues to expand as the recent facility merger more than doubles workshop space.

New additions to the fabrication area include a new Metal Master Semi-automatic Band Saw, increasing cutting capacity to 440x600mm, operating alongside the existing band saw and new gravity conveyor workbenches, custom-made by the team. New steel storage racking is also in place, with an additional welding positioner tallying 3 in total for the team.

Services such as Stainless Steel Passivation and Hydrostatic Testing continue to operate in-house at the UON facilities, as market demand for UON designed and built products continues to grow.

For more information on UON product innovations or to get in touch with the fabrication team, please visit the UON website.