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An innovative new solution to today’s mining and energy challenges

UON SMART promises to drastically reduce your CAPEX and OPEX. It’s a completely new end-to-end, standardised energy system that integrates people, data and technology.

SMART is Scalable Modular Automated Renewable and Temperature Controlled. This means it grows with you; easily integrates new components; works intelligently; creates hybrid systems with solar, wind and batteries; and delivers 100% in the hot harsh Australian conditions. All of which combines in one system that saves you money and time.

In the simplest terms, it gives you smarter, more reliable energy solutions to cut your fuel costs.


What we do

What we Do

UON SMART is a vertically integrated solution

We’ve taken control of our supply chain and developed our own products – from design and manufacture, to installation, training and monitoring. We understand every component in our system and how you can get the most from them. We’ll work with you to customise a package that suits you right now, and can change as your needs do. What’s more, we’ve partnered with leading energy companies to give you the ideal combination of the best global technology and Australian ingenuity.

By simplifying and streamlining, UON creates efficiencies that significantly cut costs.


How We Operate

How we operate

How We Operate

Our approach is fully flexible to take into account your unique circumstances, needs and goals. Our consultants work with you to anticipate challenges and advise you on the best purchasing option..

Next, our engineering team design the system, integrating our products to provide a fully flexible, value adding solution. It’s then fabricated and delivered in much smaller timeframes than standard.

After installation, our supervisors test the equipment and train your team on-site. Once commissioned we’ll provide service and support 24/7, and we’ll remotely monitor your operations and report recommendations back to you.

The Complete Solution

Complete Solution Energy

UON is an Australian integrated energy company which means it develops solutions that apply across the power and water needs of a remote site. We offer complete end-to-end solutions that are engineered to drive efficiency and productivity.


Purchasing Options

Anticipating and reacting to future challenges and opportunities is all about having options. It’s a choice between investing by buying equipment from different sources through EPCMs, or by buying a UON end-to-end solution engineered to integrate seamlessly. You can hire the equipment to save on initial capital outlay, or UON can carry the risk and Build Own Operate Manage (BOOM) the solutions while you just buy the energy or water produced.

Whatever you choose, our promise is the same - to keep you operational and keep you on