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Mobile Bore Solution

The UON Mobile Bore Solution has been built and designed to provide transportable solutions for all of your bore pumping requirements with a major emphasis on innovation, cost reduction and quick, simple installation and removal.

Features of the UON Mobile Bore Solution include:

  • 40° or 50° ambient temperature rated generator
  • 4"-6" galvanised headworks
  • 9.2 - 45kW bore control panel
  • MIRI telemetry panel
  • Canopy or containerised solution
  • ComAp controlled generator

The key benefits of the UON Mobile Bore Solution include:

  • Cost saving
  • Mobile solution
  • Versatile solution
  • Modular
  • Reduction in installation time

Poly Trailer

The UON Poly Trailer has been designed to safely transport poly pipe through rough terrain and remove the risk of damage and fatigue during transportation.

Structurally heavy duty and built to suit harsh mining environments the Poly Trailer modules work in 2 parts.

  • Part 1 is the front trailer which is 6.0m L and has a ball n race fitted so the top of the trailer can swivel.
  • Part 2 is the rear trailer which is 4.7m L and is a fixed frame.

Features of the UON Poly Trailers include:

  • 4.5T carrying capacity
  • Front trailer is fitted with hydraulic brakes and electric breakaway
  • Rear trailer has mechanical brakes

UON Poly Trailer

UON Poly Trailer


Hose Reeler

The UON Hose Reeler has been designed to assist with safe and practical handling of lay-flat hoses in water related applications. The UON Hose Reeler is suitable for 3", 4", 5" and 6" layflat hoses.

Features of the UON Hose Reeler include:

  • Improved safety method for handling of lay-flat hose
  • Deadman foot switch
  • Main system isolator - which can be locked out
  • Emergency stop
  • Forward & reverse switch
  • IP54 rated Pilbara Box - with variable speed control & a main circuit breaker
  • Flashing amber beacon - this is to show that the unit is energised and has the potential to rotate
  • Powered by a 415 VOLT, 3 phase 20 AMP 4 pin plug
  • Drive unit & gear box has a lead screw which adjusts it forwards and backwards to engage or disengage it from the drive shaft
  • Drive shaft is supported on 9 rollers and retained by 3 latches - the centre latch has a secondary lock - that has to manually operate to release it
  • Hose spool is in 2 halves and is adjustable - (accomplished by moving the locating bolt to the appropriate position as per the decal - there is a fine adjuster which is also used to release the spool.)
  • Adjustable hose guide and tensioner - this can be adjusted using the colour code settings as listed on the decal.
  • Lead screw which is used for adjusting the tension roller
  • Operated in conjunction with either a crane or forklift

Solar Power Actuator Controller

UON Solar Power Actuator Controllers have been designed to provide an innovative and cost effective valve control solution. Primed and ready to go with practically no set up required, the UON Solar Powered Actuator Controller can be deployed without fuss to any location. With power captured on its solar panels and stored in the self-contained battery pack located at the base of the unit. The UON Solar Powered Actuator Controller has the ability to open and close a variety of valves.

Features of the UON Solar Powered Actuator Controller include:

  • DN50 - DN500 actuator
  • 215 - 315 watt panels
  • No Generator
  • No Diesel Pump
  • No Mains
  • No Re-Fuelling

Optional features of the UON Solar Actuator include:

  • Remote for stop start inputs
  • Remote control open and close
  • Telemetry can be used for start and stop in interface

The key benefits of the UON Solar Actuator include:

  • Zero Emissions
  • Zero Noise
  • Fuel cost saving
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Setup and forget
  • Easily stored for transport
  • Mounted control box
  • Skid frame

Solar Zone Valve


Solar Lighting Towers

The UON Solar Lighting Towers have been designed to meet the demands of harsh mining environment and Australian mine safety standards.

Features of the UON Solar Lighting Tower include:

  • Adjustable 10m mast
  • LED light fittings 80lux lighting
  • Skid mounted innovative solution with 4 pockets - including battery box
  • Dimming sensor within 15m
  • Lockable enclosure for security

The key benefits of the UON Solar Lighting Towers include:

  • Zero Emissions
  • Zero Noise
  • Fuel cost saving
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Setup and forget
  • Extended life 20+ years

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