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Power ES800

Generator Output

Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage 415V
Engine Speed 1500RPM

* Remark: Please consult your local supplier for other voltages

700KVA to 1400KVA

800 KVA 880 KVA
640 KW 704 KW


  • PERFORMANCE GUARENTEED: Standard series and Weather and Sound Proof Canopy series are designed, manufactured and tested under strict quakity control procedures, to ensure top performance at all time.
  • PACKAGED ACCESSORIES: Generator set units are packaged with an anti-vibration system, control panel, starting system, base fuel tank and other accessories.
  • BASE SKID: Standard built-in anti-vibration system - bonded runner units fitted as standard which eliminate the need for rubber mats or psring mountings.
  • COOLING SYSTEM: Set-mount radiator for ambient temperature of 50°C standard.
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