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Waste Fines Storage Facility Project

Construction Duration

May 2016 - March 2017


Relocation and upgrade of existing Waste Fines Facilities including HDPE pipeline, earthworks, diesel pumps, transformer and switchboard, and monitoring equipment.

Background Information

UON’s client required an extension of waste deposition capacity to the current waste fines facilities at its iron ore mine site, which would reduce the frequency of facility elevation requirements as well as an alternate deposit facility to minimize disruption to operations. The works involved the relocation of existing pumping infrastructure, inclusive of the removal and replacement of HV and fibre optic cable, pumping equipment and an extension to the piping facilities inclusive of trenching earthworks.

Key Success

The key success of this infrastructure relocation project was zero harm and zero reportable incidents during more than 6000 Project hours. The safe and diligent completion of the Project was due to a complete team effort, with electrical and mechanical engineering experts backing up UON’s pump and HV team, all on-hand to perform all testing and condition reporting.


  • Steel/HDPE waste fines pipelines inclusive of required trenching to Specification
  • HDPE decant return pipeline
  • Localised earthworks inclusive of containment ponds
  • Diesel Pump Skid commissioning
  • Geotechnical monitoring equipment
  • Below ground conduit excavation & installation to relocated electrical equipment
  • 33kV, 415VAC & fibre optic cable for relocated electrical equipment
  • HV Transformer relocation and associated testing

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